Agios Nikolaos – Landscapes and People in the 1960s

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This book of artistic photographs is also a valuable repository of bygone memories. These previously unpublished works from the archive of Dimitri Papadimos, which were first presented at the exhibition of the same name in 2007, are taken with an experienced and sensitive eye. The collection shows an unknown Agios Nikolaos of the past, and includes photographs taken during the shooting of Jules Dassin’s “He Who Must Die” (“Christ Recrucified”), the film that made Kritsa and Agios Nikolaos famous throughout the world.

Photography: Dimitris Papadimos

Artistic Layout: Maria Stefossi

Texts: Maria Sorou, Mathilde Pyrli

Translation: John o’Shea

Printing and Binding: Vivliosynergatiki SA


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