Angelos Skourtis, East-West-North-South (1993)

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The artwork «East-West-North-South» was created during the 3nd Art Symposium (1993), the theme of which was «Art in Politics»

The simplicity of the figures, the symbolic language and the dominant and executive significance of space are characteristics of the artistic creation of the work of Angelos Skourtis (born 1949). In “East – West – North – South,” the artist uses the symbol of the cross, on which he has been focusing since the eighties, and by demolishing the numerous interpretations attributed to it in the past, attempts to create a new code of communication which will contribute to the creation of a new culture and a new reality. The viewer enters the cruciform structure, which operates as a modern shrine, and becomes acquainted with the internal dimensions of this global symbol which eventually leads them to the four cardinal points.


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