Boris Despodov: Untitled Wall (1993)

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The artwork «Untitled Wall» was created during the 3nd Art Symposium (1993), the theme of which was «Art in Politics»

The artistic practice of Boris Despodov (born 1973) focuses on the issues of war, human communication and fear of the ‘other.’ For “Untitled Wall,” inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the artist created an artwork with clear political messages. The wall not only acquires new use, but is also becomes a gate through which the viewer freely passes, while at the same time illustrates a human figure. The form of the gate, which probably refers to the last communist leader of Bulgaria, on  the one hand represents the authoritarianism of the Soviet regimes before the end of the Cold War, and on the other hand is an artistic expressive strategy meant to ridicule the face of the enemy by revealing its real meaning in the most clear way and in a real dimension.


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