Eleni Mylonas: Haris (1988)

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The artwork «Haris» was created during the 1st Art Symposium (1988)

Through her work, artist Eleni Mylonas deals with the relationship of art and reality, centering on the human experience of space and time. Her training as a photographer made her search for the story behind the picture. In her work, the concrete and the abstract, the visible and the invisible, the temporary and the permanent coexist. “Haris” embodies these characteristics, while its conception is done as a playful representation of a real person. As the artist herself says, this piece is a tribute to the janitor of the symposium, portrayed in the natural environment of his daily routine, as photographic immortalization. The use of simple materials releases Mylona from the conventional means of photography.


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Τ.Κ. 10678, Αθήνα
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