G&A Mamidakis Foundation x Ag. Nikolaos Children’s Festival 2022

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Supporting the festival and organising a pre-festival activity at the Sculpture Garden of Minos Beach art hotel

The 11th Children’s Festival of Agios Nikolaos, the annual celebration of art and play organized by the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos in collaboration with the Cultural and Sports Organization (PAODAN), took place after two years of silence due to the pandemic in the city of Agios Nikolaos on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June 2022. With plenty of activities for younger and older children, the festival has become a much-loved and much-anticipated institution.

We are very happy to support the Festival again this year, supporting the realisation of the performance Karagiozis at the Conservatory, by Alcibiades Konstantopoulos, with live music by Odysseus Konstantopoulos.

“Alcibiades Konstantopoulos is known for his ability to play multiple instruments, his collaboration with established artists as a musician, singer, songwriter and actor, but also for his restless spirit. Taking his place behind the curtain, he sets up his own Shadow Troupe with an equally exuberant and sweeping folk hero: Karagiozis!

In the performance Karagiozis at the Conservatory, Karagiozis is invited to set up – what else? – a Conservatory, and Alcibiades finds the opportunity to present musical instruments through the beloved heroes of our popular tradition with live music and a fresh look. Barba-Giorgos, Morfonios, Nionios, Stavrakas and Kolliterias, all want to participate and teach at this unusual Conservatory, ending up with everyone -children, parents and figures- singing together in a group.”

In addition, we organized a pre-festival tour through the 50+ sculptural installations on permanent display at the Sculpture Garden of Minos Beach art hotel. A tour of the fascinating grounds of the Garden gave 30 children and their parents the opportunity to discover hidden works, experience up close large-scale, imposing works and smaller ones, and develop new ways of approaching contemporary art.

See you in the summer of 2023 for the 12th Festival!


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