George Kypris: Voices of the Sea (1996)

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The artwork «Voices of the Sea» was created during the group exhibition of contemporary Cypriot artists «Riches of Cyprus» in 1996

Artist Giorgos Kypris (born 1954) focuses on the human spirit and especially on the wild aspects of the human race, emphasising its dominance on other forms of life. “Voices of the Sea” (1996) belongs to a series of works by the artist with fish as the main theme. Kypris sees the dead fish as victims of dietary needs for the survival of human species, while on the other hand for him they symbolise the ecological imprint of man on the environment. In addition, this piece elicits feelings of void, loneliness and vanity. With a slightly different reading, the fish aloud to matters such as immigration and the political reality of migration in general.


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