Yiannis Parmakelis: Cube (2006)

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The artwork «Cube» was presented during Yiannis Parmakelis’ solo exhibition titled «Mechanics, 1978-2006» in the summer of 2006

The work is a prominent example of the artist’s sculptural practice since 1978 and is based on a new iconographic vocabulary stemming from principles of geometry, constructivist compositions, impeccable perfection and harmony with the surrounding space. His subject matter is broad, with particular preference for the state of being and a morpho-plastic lexicon. Here, the cube, one of the five solids of Plato, due to its geometry is thought to represent the earth, according to the alchemists. In addition, the choice of wood, although rare for Parmakelis who usually works with metal, emphasises the relationship of this piece with nature and the surrounding land.


Πανεπιστημίου 56, Κτίριο ΕΡΜΗΣ
Τ.Κ. 10678, Αθήνα
Τηλ +30 215 500 7712