Giorgos Gyparakis: 1 sec (2018)

Giorgos Gyparakis, 1 sec (detail)

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Τhe artwork «1 sec» was added to the Foundation’s collection in 2019

«1 sec» is constructed from building wire. The artist was triggered by his observation that the data of an entire culture are being coded continuously, that daily habits, social interactions or consumer and other preferences are recorded and visualized in algorithms and graphs, thus reducing the reality of life to values ​​in time. 

Time as a key component of life is digitized and analyzed, in the context of an uninterrupted recording. The “performance” of every moment takes a value in time, but it brings about the loss of its real experience.

The work represents the analog graph of a waveform, the tangible stereogram of a snapshot in the minimum time of a second. This minimum – “inanimate” in normal conditions – time for man is consciously expanded in order to emphasize the experience of now.

Within this minimum time, thoughts, ideas, sounds, aromas, and so much more are concentrated, the quality of which is impossible to record in its entirety, as this constant codification of everyday life is doomed to remain imperfect.

Kostas Christopoulos, curator of the exhibition «Theorimata» (2018), National Museum of Contemporary Art


Πανεπιστημίου 56, Κτίριο ΕΡΜΗΣ
Τ.Κ. 10678, Αθήνα
Τηλ +30 215 500 7712