Kostas Ioannidis: Lost Ears of Agios Nikolaos (2016)

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The site-specific installation «Lost Ears of Agios Nikolaos» was part of Kostas Ioannidis’ solo exhibition «Sea to Shore Stories» at Minos Beach art hotel in 2016

In 2016, visual artist Kostas Ioannidis (born 1970) presented a multi-faceted art project entitled “Sea to Shore Stories” inspired by the beauty of nature and the sea, creating a ‘path’ that awakens all senses, a hymn to love and its driving force. “Lost Ears of Agios Nikolaos” is the second part of this project. It is an underwater site-specific sculptural installation, first introduced in 1992 in Palaiopoli of Andros, consisting of seven concrete ears placed at the bottom of the sea and presented with the Hanging Gardens underwater sound system installation. Through his work, Ioannidis tried to intervene in the way we perceive space and time, highlighting the fragility of the ecosystems surrounding us and the insecure and uneasy coexistence of nature and civilization.


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