Malgorzata Koscielak: Gate of Light for King Minos (1993)

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The artwork «Gate of Light for King Minos» was created during the 3nd Art Symposium (1993), the theme of which was «Art in Politics»

The work of Polish visual artist Malgorzata Koscielak (born 1962) are inspired by the principles of constructivism and conceptual art, as they deal with human nature and its historically, biologically and technically complex relations. In her attempt to discover the continuous contact of history and myth with the collective unconscious, Koscielak uses a plethora of archetypical references. The “Gate of Light for King Minos” (1993) clearly alludes to the Lion Gate of Mycenae, as well as to the mythology of Crete. Contrasting solid materials, such as rock and wood, to the fluidity of water, the artist attaches significance to light, the invisible substance that gives meaning to her work and defines what cannot be described in a material way. In this way, she highlights the historical continuity of mankind and the durability of ideas and values despite the alterations of the material entity that conveys them.


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