Michalis Kapsalis: Minotaur (1988)

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The artwork «Minotaur» was added to the Foundation’s collection in 1988

The work of artist Michael Kapsalis (born 1949) is based on the iconographic and morphological simplicity as presented on ancient Greek amphorae. The monochromatic surfaces, the lack of perspective and the oversimplification of forms make his pieces look like pictograms. “Minotaur” (1988) combines the sculptural idiom of Kapsalis with the Mediterranean reality and an iconographic reference rooted in Picasso’s work. It isn’t only the theme of the bull which is often found in the works of the Spanish artist, and obviously refers to the history of Crete, but also the absolute subtraction that betrays a deeper knowledge of the subject, which give Kapsalis’ work a spiritual and mystical character, and a mood of reflection and mediation.


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