The Tipping Point

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“The Tipping Point” and G&A Mamidakis Foundation collaboration

The G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation determined by its mission to contribute to the diffusion of Greek culture, the practical connection with tourism, but also faithful to its conviction that the cultivation and awareness of upcoming generations is a matter of vital importance for the future, participates in actions aimed at students, in order to enrich their experiences.

The non-profit organization The Tipping Point, supported by the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, implements the action “Connecting Schools of Crete with the World of Tourism” aiming at highlighting the value of the Tourism sector as a choice of academic and professional career.

More specifically, this action focuses on the development of tourism consciousness that “sees” beyond the traditional patterns of tourism professions and experiences within the tourist season as well as to meet the need to inform students about this sector.

It will be implemented initially in 5 schools in Crete where students will have the opportunity to chat with Live Video professionals and ask their own questions about selected thematic sections of tourism. For example, what are the jobs in a hotel unit, what does tourism mean for the local economy, alternative forms of tourism, what is the everyday life of a chef, how do I create my own tourist business, what is the role of a hotelier, tourism marketing and more.

The implementation of the action, which will last for 15 months, will create a community of mentors who will inform students about the prospects of development in the tourism sector, but also how the local economy and society have changed through Tourism. This community will consist of mentors of various tourism professions as well as from different departments of a hotel unit so as to present as many professional choices as possible in this sector.


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