Lily Garafulic: Dialogue (1999)

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The artwork «Dialogue» was created during the group exhibition «Chilean Art Travels to Crete» in 1999

The award winning artist Lily Garafulic (1914-2012) dealt mainly with sculpture, working with marble, wood, bronze and clay, and was a pioneer of visual arts. Her piece “Dialogue” (1999) is characteristic of her sculptural practice combining various artistic movements, such as art nouveau and art deco. The form of the bull, which is often found in her work, is a direct reference to Crete’s history. Garafulic’s work, with its distinctive, round and non0angled form acquired the position of a simple monument, honouring not only the history of the place but human history as well.


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Τ.Κ. 10678, Αθήνα
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