George and Aristea Mamidakis


George Mamidakis (1929 – 1986) was born in the small village of Anoskeli in the province of Kissamos in Chania.

As a teenager, during the years of the occupation, he fought with the National Resistance.

After the end of the War, he studied topography and initially worked in the Topographic Service.

His first business steps were connected with the production of rose oil. He facilitated the communication and economic cooperation between Greece and Russia in the oil sector.

AEEP G. Mamidakis & Co. was founded in 1955 and was active in the field of bunkering (refueling vessels). With the creation of hundreds of gas stations, it covered the distribution of oil throughout Greece. Until 1983, it supplied crude oil to the Greek State Refineries, using its own tankers.

At the same time, in 1973, the Mamidaki Group introduced Lada cars to the Greek market for the first time.

A tireless and insightful businessman, with a deep love for his homeland, George Mamidakis bought the Minos Beach Hotel in Mirabello Bay, Crete, in 1974. He later acquired two more hotel units.

A multifaceted personality, George Mamidakis stood out for his values, prudence, valor, honesty and sense of humor.


Aristea Mamidaki (1930-2010) was born in Chania, the fifth child of hoteliers Grigorios and Maria Chalkiadaki.

She married George Mamidakis and together they had two daughters, Marilena and Ioanna. She worked alongside her husband throughout his career and continued to work with the same passion in their businesses after his death in 1986. Her life granted her the joy of raising her six grandchildren.

Dynamic but also gentle, sweet and demanding, generous and practical, she instilled the values of family, morality and dynamic creativity in her two daughters. Visionary and tireless businesspeople, George and Aristea Mamidakis laid the foundations for bluegr, run by their daughter Gina to this day. The G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation continues to honor their love for culture and philanthropy through initiatives which promote and support art, culture, education, and the local Cretan society.


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