Andrea Fogli: The Voice of Methoni (1990)

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The artwork «The Voice of Methoni» was created during the 2nd Art Symposium (1990), the theme of which was «A New Mediterranean Cultural Identity»

Strongly influenced by design and the Symbolist movement, Fogli (born 1959) creates multifaceted images where the interior and the exterior, dream and reality, proximity and distance are all in a continuous flow. The work consists of a water pond and some portable icon stands (iconostasis) used in Eastern Christianity, which create a rather uncanny and mysterious environment. This feeling of transformation is evident in this piece and aims at externalising the audience’s inner world. Viewers are called to experience the transformation that occurs -mainly in their imagination rather than in reality- with all their senses, being left afterwards with a strong sense of melancholy, as the artist himself intended.

The artwork has been moved for restoration purposes.


Πανεπιστημίου 56, Κτίριο ΕΡΜΗΣ
Τ.Κ. 10678, Αθήνα
Τηλ +30 215 500 7712