Harris Kondosphyris, Open Kitchen (2004)

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The artwork «Open Kitchen» was added to the Foundation’s collection in 2004

Through his work, Harris Kondosphyris (born 1965) is experimenting with the concepts of space and the processes of visual perception. His work, designed in-situ as structures that redefine the surrounding space, creates multiple-image perspectives that activate the viewer’s participation. “Open Kitchen” (2004) is indicative of his artistic practice as he uses a material essential for his work, the mirror. The aim of the artist is for the mirror to function as a passage, through which the viewer can enter a new world; in this case the kitchen, where its existence acquires visual status. Thus, the piece goes beyond the limits of a simple inscription in real space and acquires deeper significance. It indicates the artist’s need for self-determination and reveals feelings of fragmentation and concern for the modern world.


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