Katia Roka: Ariadne’s Thread (1988)

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The artwork «Ariadne’s Thread» was created during the 1st Art Symposium (1988)

In the work of Katia Roka (born 1959), her manifold relationship with the thread is obvious, which for her is a guide, an inner acrobatic course with meditative action. “Ariadne’s Thread” (1988) is indicative of her artistic practice and is a deeply feminist piece. Both the title and the inscription “For Theseus” refer to the clear link of this piece to Cretan mythology. Roka’s purpose is to demonstrate that Ariadne offers Theseus the means of his salvation in which the artist adds her own sense of preciousness with absolute simplicity and abstemious frankness. The transparent box, a symbol of the purity of Ariadne’s offer, protects the precious thread which is the colour of love and blood. Thus, the piece becomes a timeless message in favour of women’s love and contribution.


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