Kostas Ioannidis: Everlasting Song (2016)

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The site-specific installation «Everlasting Song» was part of Kostas Ioannidis’ solo exhibition «Sea to Shore Stories» at Minos Beach art hotel in 2016

In 2016, visual artist Kostas Ioannidis (born 1970) presented a multi-faceted art project entitled “Sea to Shore Stories” inspired by the beauty of nature and the sea, creating a ‘path’ that awakens all senses, a hymn to love and its driving force. “Everlasting Song” is the first part of the project, and it comprises a video projection from the fairy-tale “The Fisherman and His Soul” in which Oscar Wild describes the magic of the world that lives beneath the surface of the water in a unique way. Through this projection, Ioannidis wants to emphasise the love for the sea, which has inspired many artists, and the beauty of nature that is often overlooked.


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