Maria Luisa Vidaurre: Woman (Self-Portrait) (1999)

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The artwork «Woman (Self-Portrait)» was created during the group exhibition of contemporary Cypriot artists «Riches of Cyprus» in 1996

Chilean painted Maria Luisa Vidaurre (born 1952) creates legible works, with a fresh spirit and a clear Latin-American character, which depict human figures living harmoniously in fantastical landscapes, surrounded by flowers, fruits and animals. “Woman (Self-Portrait)” from 1999 is indicative of Vidaurre’s painting. A poetic depiction of a human figure, her own self-portrait, against a fantastical natural environment. Many female figures appear in Vidaurre’s work, aiming to seduce and enchant the viewer, adding a sensual character to her pieces. The artist wishes to preserve the beauty of simplicity which, as she claims, is an essential part of nature. The painting is based on simple forms, flat colours, lack of perspective and the absence of any effort of reality imitation, reinforcing the imaginative, dreamlike character of the work.


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