Marios Spiliopoulos, I am a man, in the midst, oh! My race, I am your centre (1993)

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The artwork «I am a man, in the midst» was created during the 3nd Art Symposium (1993), the theme of which was «Art in Politics»

The mysteries of nature and the emotional experience of a story are both central themes in the work of Spiliopoulos (born 1957). Using natural and unprocessed materials that allude to early primordial memories and remind us of religious or mythical symbols, he creates installations that contain a ritual character and references to component elements of the Greek cultural identity. The work “I am a man, in the midst, oh! My race, I am your centre” (1993) incarnates the main features of the artist’s visual approach. The Greek palindrome is written cyclically to highlight the supernatural sense that it conveys. The solar light, which plays a prominent role in the project, gives a special charge to the ceremonial and mystic atmosphere of the work. Finally, for the artist, the values of human existence are rooted in the beginning of everything and extend endlessly in the future.


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