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Connecting schools of Crete to the world of Tourism

The Tipping Point (TTP) organization, with the support and in partnership with the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, implemented the action “Connecting Schools of Crete to the World of Tourism.”

The aim was to highlight the value of Tourism, to meet the need to inform students about the industry, and to develop a tourist consciousness that “sees” beyond the traditional patterns of occupations and experiences during a tourist season.

Groups of pupils from seven schools in Lasithi, Rethymnon and Chania had the opportunity to discuss via live video with experienced professionals about the basic skills that executives must have and how to connect and exploit the Cretan tradition with tourism, how a hotel unit works, and the meaning of fishing tourism.

Executives of bluegr Hotels & Resorts from all the departments of the hotels and the headquarters as well as Leaders from the fields of agrotourism, entrepreneurship, traditional arts and more formed a community of 31 mentors in order to present their profession, share their experience, respond to student questions, and talk to young people about alternatives and industry prospects.

Students and educators who participated mentioned that the seminar was extremely important and useful as tourism is a key pillar of the island’s economy, and many of the young people are thinking of following this professional path.

Characteristically, they reported that it was a source of inspiration and a unique opportunity to get in touch with the labor market, to get acquainted with new horizons, trends and business trails of Tourism.

 More information about the seminar can be found here.


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