Nikos Alexiou: Untitled (2004)

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«Untitled» was added to the Foundation’s collection in 2004

The bigger part of Alexiou’s work (1960-2011) is centered on the pursuits around primal human construction and natural phenomena, mainly motion and light reflections, analysis of rays of light and projection of iridescence on various surfaces or water. The variety of his artistic means is impressive; from fragile handicrafts to installations of advanced technology. The 2004 “Untitled” installation belongs in this category. It is a lacy geometric structure made of reed, which creates a fluid and poetic space with symbolic overtones. This piece, as well as Alexiou’s art in general, includes references to tradition and the historical past.


Πανεπιστημίου 56, Κτίριο ΕΡΜΗΣ
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