The ancient Greek myths in the “Summer of Mythology”

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Supporting lifelong learning

The “Summer of Mythology” is the first stage in a process that began in 2016 and will continue in the years ahead with constantly renewed content and activities. This innovative initiative by bluegr Hotels & Resorts, which was introduced at Minos Beach art hotel, the Sensimar Minos Palace hotel & suites and the Candia Park village, all at Agios Nikolaos, Crete, it aims to teach interesting aspects of our country’s culture to foreign visitors of all ages.

At the heart of this first attempt to showcase Greek culture at our hotels was a series of interactive talks. With the help of selected audio-visual material and expert speakers, visitors were able to discover the beauty of ancient Greek myths and in particular to enjoy the extremely interesting narratives associated with Crete. As a souvenir of their experience, participants were given a copy of the special publication,“A Journey through Greek Mythology,” in the language of their choice: Greek, English, German or Russian.

Similar talks were organised for younger guests at the hotel, along with an exciting activity in which children became young archaeologists, and with the help of instructors, excavated a specially prepared site. Then, by examining the depictions of ancient gods on the fragments of vases that had been buried there, they had to piece them together.


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