Theodoros: Don Quixote (1988)

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The artwork «Don Quixote» was created during the 1st Art Symposium (1988)

For Theodoros (1938-2018), sculpture is a form of public communication in which the viewer is called to participate. The artist describes his work as a form of intrusive communication, embodying the principles of Dadaism as those are expressed and revived within the Greek spirit. “Don Quixote” (1988) exhibits not only the artistic idiom of the artist, but also the essence of the story of the homonymous literary hero of Cervantes. The precarious horizontal balance contrasts the stability of the vertical pendulum, creating a state of stance-resistance, mobility-immobility, which demystifies the anthropocentric character of global phenomena. For the artist, the delicate balance symbolizes the fragility of human existence and therefore adds to the piece a deeply existential nuance.


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