Theodoros Zafeiropoulos: The Holy View (2013)

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The art film «The Holy View» was screened during the Blue Nights 2019 festival at the Sculpture Garden and was later added to the Foundation’s collection

In The Holy View, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos presents the interior of a chapel on the tiny island of Meropi, off the coast of Kardamyli in the Messenian Gulf. With various design tools, the artist captures and isolates the sides, floor, icon screen and ceiling of the church, and through video animation, the building appears gradually to be disassembled. As it is deconstructed, there gradually appears one of the world’s most impressive natural phenomena, the shape of a perfect pyramid that Mount Taygetus casts on the sea at dawn. The lofty but also lonely peak of the mountain reflects itself as the most symbolic geometrical solid form designed and constructed by humans, the pyramid, while the divine, the natural, the mathematical and the metaphysical, create a majestic view. The soundtrack, created by Kostas Moschos, is composed from excerpts of a Te Deum from an informal Vespers performed by the artist himself.

You can watch the film here. Duration: 6’36”


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