Vettor Pisani: Eccovi Famose Rose (1990)

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The artwork «Eccovi Famose Rose» was created during the 2nd Art Symposium (1990), the theme of which was «A New Mediterranean Cultural Identity»

In his artistic practice, Italian artist Vettor Pisani (1934-2011) recalls elements from the works of other artists and creates, with verbal references, work which analyse the work of notable modernists. For the 1990 piece “Eccovi Famose Rose” the artist was inspired by a poem. Pisani created a sculptural object, the form of which refers to either a street vase or a tomb adorned with flowers. This simple piece has strong elements of desire and lust. In Pisani’s work, lust becomes a divine and fiendish mechanism which affects the human existence. Thus, its purpose is to mislead the viewers and expose all their hidden desires.


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