A journey through Greek Mythology

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In 2016, the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation launched a series of educational publications to help spread Greek culture, linking it in a practical way with tourism. The first book in the series, devoted to Greek mythology, was published in Greek, English, German and Russian. It contains the main Greek myths about the birth of the gods and the origins of mankind, and tales of heroes, including the Iliad and the Odyssey, while at the same time emphasising the mythology of Crete. The short but elegantly-written text is accompanied by original illustrations inspired by red and black figure vases of the 6th and 5th century BCE.

Texts: Katerina Servi, archeologist, museologist, writer

llustrations: George Tzavaras

Design and layout: Oyster Communication Design Ltd

Printing: Alta Grafico S.A.


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