Our Heritage: the Past meets the Future


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The G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation supports the 9th Children’s Festival of Agios Nikolaos

With the support of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, ARKKI participated at 9th Children’s Festival of Agios Nikolaos “Once upon a time,” realising with two creative workshops for children.

The 9th Children’s Festival of Agios Nikolaos- “Once Upon a Time …” opens the door to literature, art, traditional crafts, handicrafts, listens to stories, shares homemade flavors, sees theater, speaks foreign languages, travels to cultures through music and dance.

It recommends to the children all that, that unite the past with the future leaving a common fingerprint on our cultural identity. Having the official Year logo brings the message: “Our Heritage: The Past Meets the Future.”

Arkki carried out two outdoor activities (the construction of a bridge in Leonardo da Vinci designs and the “Detective Sculpture” photographic workshop), as well as an exhibition of Arkki students from Heraklion.

The Arkki (School of Architecture for children and Youth), which is a pioneer and unique educational program in Europe, since June 2014 offers its educational innovation both at children of Greece and Cyprus, following the most successful educational model applied in Finland with social actions at schools, museums, cultural venues, as far as at ΑΚΤΟs facilities.

Bather bridge structure without glue or nails patterned with Leonardo Da Vinci paintings!

Children between 4 to 13 years old, through games and crafts, they explored the word with all their senses, and they create it from another angle, out and beyond of the ordinary. The Children discovered their talents through activities that enabled them to experiment, design and directly see the results of their effort, which is always impressive.

As Architecture is concerned; it works as a medium to stimulate children in order to help them structure their thoughts, boost their imagination and creativity, and finally make them believe in themselves to become the future «Αrchitects».

Shapes detectives: photography lab in collaboration with IEK Morfi.

The lab was open to all children aged 6-13 years. During the two – day festival, children and adults had the opportunity to admire favorite works of ARKKI – IEK Morfi Heraklion children. The event was organized with the kind sponsorship of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation and LoveGreece.com.

More information about the 9th Children’s Festival of Agios Nikolaos can be found here and for Arkki here.


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