Mechanics 1978-2006

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Recounting the achievements of a long artistic career

16.06 – 30.09 2006

Through approximatelly fourty sculptures, most of which were of monumental scale, sculptor Yiannis Parmakelis (b. 1932), trailblazer and inquisitive, revealed the wealth of his scultural discoveries of the last 28 years.

Parmakelis’ training in the secret ways of the expressionist rendering of anthropocentric compositions is evidenced in his famous group of sculptures «Witnesses and Victims 1964-1974.» However, from 1978, he adopted a new vocabulary to express his vision, which took on a linear and geometric dimension. All these works are distinguished by the flawless perfection of their construction and were worked on with great insight in order to achieve their harmonious integration into space.

As curator Takis Mavrotas notes in the catalogue of the exhibition, «These are creations in which Parmakelis moves on from an intuitive understanding of the natural world to new and increasingly precise ‘mechanical’ forms. The world of his works reflects the technological present and makes perceptible our knowledge of modern reality. He invents new forms of an entirely autonomous sculptural expression, which take him to the opposite bank from his first visionary achievements, when he was permanently confronting the destiny of the human form and the unsurpassed power of nature.»

Curated by: Takis Mavrotas

Location: Minos Beach art hotel, Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Duration: 16.06 – 30.09 2006

Organizational Support-CommunicationTiti Bouhayiar

Catalogue EditorTakis Mavrotas

Participating Artist: Yiannis Parmakelis


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