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Textile art and cultural heritage workshop with Branding Heritage and the BH Kids program, at the 3rd High School of Agios Nikolaos

During our Volunteering Week (October 2022), and building on our ongoing collaboration with the Cultural Organisation Branding Heritage, we visited the students of the 3rd High School of Agios Nikolaos with the BH Kids program and handicraft teacher Eleni Koukoulaki. The students learned which plants can be used to dye old fabrics, steered small looms and made their own bracelets from repurposed rags.

The founder of Branding Heritage, journalist Katerina Frenzou, spoke to the students about the timeless influence of Greek culture on contemporary creators, encouraging them to draw inspiration from their roots and utilize the richness of their Cretan heritage in various ways.

BH Kids is a Branding Heritage initiative aiming to bring young children and students closer to their roots, encouraging them to draw inspiration from their cultural heritage, use new technologies to promote traditional practices and to make use of the wealth of Greek culture in order to develop business ideas with extroversion and competitiveness.

Connecting past, present and future, BH Kids develops synergies with renowned artists, craftsmen and creators in order to contribute to the rescue and revival of ancient techniques by recording and passing them on to future generations.

We sincerely thank the Principal, Ms. Maria Hatzipanagioti, art teacher Ms. Diana Zervaki and the all the students who enthusiastically attended the workshop and surprised us with their respect for their Cretan tradition.


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